ES-036 backlight bar use for Nordmende/Sanyo/Sharp 39'' 7+7 180-W00-390000H IC-B-HWT39D060R/L LED TV Strips (8)

Publish Date:2019-11-29 Visits:1070

Length: A=B: 390mm
LED Quantity: A: 7LEDs  B: 7LEDs
Original Code:

BKR.1115-35R1   180-W00-390000H

IC-B-HWT39D060R     A8B6(3.5-3.7v 72-761m B6)

IC-B-HWT39D060L     B7B6(3.7-3.9v 68-721m B6)

ES Model: ES-036-A/7        ES-036-B/7

Brands: use for Nordmende/Sanyo/Sharp

Complete Set: 1SET=4A+4B

Length: A=B: 390mm
Original Code: BKR.1115-35R1 180-W00-390000H

IC-B-HWT39D060R     A8B6(3.5-3.7v 72-761m B6)

IC-B-HWT39D060L     B7B6(3.7-3.9v 68-721m B6)
Panel Sticker Number: V390HJ1-P02(TVPLED4012A7)
TV Models: LE100N8FM V390HJ1-P02 TVPLED4012 B/7 180-W00- 390000H, 39PRO5000 LE100N8FM LE100S13FM V390HJ1- P02, T390HVN01.0 CX390DLEDM V390HJ1-P02

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